ZumbaaJamaa Cares

ZumbaaJamaa wants to bring the party to you!! Please contact us and let us know how we can bring the fun and exhilarating ZumbaJamaa party to your work, family or special event! Adding Zumba to your fundraiser or event is always lots of fun!

ZumbaaJamaa supports local charities such as Safe Haven Children’s Foundation and is a proud supporter in all of its fundraisers.December 2, 2012 is Safe Haven’s First Annual Winter Wonderland Craftpolooza and on December 15th, Safe Haven is partnering with The Knight of Columbus for their First Annual Breakfast with Santa

If you are in the Dunnville area and are a Zumba fanatic or want to see what the party is really all about check out FiERCE FiTNESS!